Tale of the Two Trump Economic Directions

If you find most of the commentators on the markets talking out of both sides of their mouth these days, you may think about a few of these things….

How will all of this work together?

  1. Hope the baby boomers don’t wake up when their medicare is trashed.
  2. Hope the Millennials don’t wake up and say, “what’s with these old guys”.
  3. Hope our home raised workers are enough to produce growth.
  4. Hope foreign buyers keep buying our stuff.
  5. Hope GDP increases at a 4 % rate.
  6. Hope we can put tariffs on imported goods.
  7. Hope we can invest a trillion dollars in infrastructure.
  8. Hope we can raise wages for the middle class worker.
  9. Hope we don’t flood the oil supply with our fracking based production.
  10. Hope deregulating everything doesn’t flood the supply side of the economic equation.
  11. Hope the dollar goes lower.
  12. Hope interest rates stay low.
  13. Hope the FED doesn’t decide to wipe out it’s 5 Trillion dollar balance sheet.
  14. Hope the stock market remains headed higher.

Tracking Fund Update

Here are charts for the two main tracking funds that we set up on January 11, 2017 to see and track two opposing concepts for portfolio structure in this contentious environment.

First, the ECT FUND,  EUREKA CONSERVATIVE TREND, this is the fund that has a portfolio that our research indicates is a fund that is based on the stated new Trump Economic Approach.

ECT 2-8-17

Second, is the EXTH Fund, EUREKA XT HEDGE, this is the fund that has a portfolio that our research indicates is a fund that is based on a failure of the new Trump Economic Approach.

EXTH 2-8-17This is way early to make comparisons, but we did say we would let you know if any one of the approaches pulled out a 5 percent lead on the others.  No doubt when the de-regulation and infrastructure stimulus programs pass Congress, there will be some knee jerk rally’s , but for now this is where things stand.

For more information on the portfolios: email us at  intrscop@mc.net

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