Trump and Deep Disruptive Change

I have been trying to say nothing about this election, having from my perspective said it all back on July 25, 2016.  But the reality of it all is falling into place.  Starting with the Reagan Administration, the focus in Washington has been MONEY.  It started with Trickle – Down Supply Side economics, it added big money lobbyists, and Inequality has blossomed for 35 years.

What can the people of this country do?  They have to vote for change, even if it means a racist ego maniac is put in place.  If I had to say who is most at fault in this situation I would say it is the Democratic elite, they had an opportunity to put forth a Progressive change maker.  The DNC had blinders on,  they thought a women and experience would win, they were wrong.  We need a woman President, but we need a woman President who comes from the generation where women go beyond calculation and actually think for themselves.

Obama has done a lot of good, ObamaCare has done a lot of good.  It probably needs to be reworked with all the Politically based lobbyist favors to various factions being removed.  Obama’s problem is that he was a poor black guy who has bought into the rich black guy mentality.  He has let the Money people, the Central Bankers, the Tim Geithner types, run the show.  For that he has a Stock Market built on balloons.

The Country will pay the price.

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