Disruptive Deep Change

It is what people want.

It is no accident that Trump dissed establishment Republicans, and they helped his case by dissing him. To the Grass Roots making America Great Again means tearing down the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Obama establishment legacy. The big question is how can anyone embraced by the establishment be a change agent…..such has been the beauty of Sanders and Trump.

Clinton’s problem, is not so much poor judgement or dishonesty, although there are elements of both in her character, her problem and the problem that the Democratic Party will face in this election is that she is mired by her associations with no-change people.

Bill Clinton being a very visible advocate of Tim Kaine for VP is not a plus.  Hillary had one last chance to put Smart Change out front.  She needed to pick a VP who was strongly tied to the Progressive/Sanders Agenda and to make it completely clear that that agenda is what she will push forward, what she brings to the table is not ideas, but Washington experience and Washington management expertise to get it all done.

It is common knowledge that Donald Trump is promoting an agenda that will tear down this country, the problem is that the Grass-Roots of this country is likely to get him elected. Adding to this problem for the country is the Top Down approach of the DCCC and its  baked in the cake formula for a Hillary Clinton Coronation spells a disaster.

All is not lost, some positives could come out of this.

  1. The Reagan-Bush trickle down policies and its advocates will be cleansed from the Republican Party, and a new Republican Party will follow the Trump term implosion. In 2020 you will probably not see Ryan and Cruz and the other current hangers-on playing a role.
  2. On the Democratic side, the probable loss by the Clinton Camp in the 2016 election should bring about an aggressive Progressive Movement that can finally bring about the change Howard Dean talked about in 2004 and Bernie Sanders secured in 2016.
  3. Inequality, the biggest current Global problem for grass-roots people will become less of a problem as stock market wealth of the one percenter’s will erode along with the economy over the coming four years.

The Brexit vote clearly shows that the Global Grassroots movement is angry, has voting mass, but does not have solutions.  Trump falls in the same category, he will be good at destroying things, but not so good at Making America Great Again, in fact his legacy motto will more likely be “Burning Down the House”.

Fair Trade, Secure Immigration, and Scalable higher education should be the Top 2016 Election Goals. Those goals require Big Smart Change.


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