Stupid Baby Hand Wringing

In watching the Donald’s one hour summation of the primary election, the country, and everyone who doesn’t get it, i.e. “The Stupid Babies”, I do have to marvel at how he can spin a tale that has just enough correctness mixed with a large amount of ego.  He is correct about how a large portion of the Political Elite from both sides have lost their direction. You could get a big mixing bowl and throw in some current politicians like Schumer, McConnell, Ryan, and Reid, spin it a bit and you could not tell the difference between them.

Anyway, the top end media people both in politics and markets, people like Matthews, O’Reilly, Cramer, etc act like they cannot figure out what is going on.  The stupid babies were not born yesterday, they started in the 80’s when they sucked up the trickle down toy and and now have a congress that has refused to implement fiscal measures to boost growth but all the while supporting a FED that has implemented programs that has pushed paper asset based inequality.

So here we are, it looks like Trump will win the Republican nomination unless an establishment brokered convention produces Kasich.  The Democratic side is actually where the excitement will play out between now and August. Hillary could easily be pointed out as a Stupid Baby, she could not win against Trump.


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