Bernie Sanders and the Velocity of Money

Asher Edelman was a guest yesterday on CNBC’s Fast Money.  Asher for those of you that don’t know him has been a factor in investment and markets since the early 1980’s.  Here is his response to a question on who he believes would be best for the economy in the coming election. His answer, Sanders, shocked the members of the panel who probably are either Clinton or Trump backers.  See video here:

Today another of the Stupid Babies, the ECB’s Super Mario Draghi, played his last card. Apparently he hasn’t learned anything from what has happened around the world over the last 20 years concerning cheap money, especially in Japan.  And that is cheap money is not the path to real growth.

Draghi’s move will give a little more time to unwind long stock positions in the Super Sweet Spot area of 1993 – 2019 in the S&P by next Wednesday.

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