A Way to Feel Better Today

It is always interesting to put an investor reaction overlay to the markets.  Today our website and email responses have jumped, reaching and exceeding October 2014 levels. My response to the questions asked is simple,:

First, yes we have seen a big decline since the start of 2016,

Second, if you put the market into perspective and take the long view, the FED’s QE3 from the standpoint of building true sustainable growth in the economy was a failure with the real result being primarily the raising of paper assets prices.  The S&P was around 1450 when QE3 started, the high since was 2130 in 2015.  If you calculate the mid point you get 1790.  So if you get out above that level, you will have had a big victory. The S&P market at this point at 1:00 CST is at 1863.

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