Rulers of the World

Outside of the three big US markets, the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq, we watch a lot of indicators that normally provide a feel for the market.  Thing like commodities, world stocks like “GDOW” etc, usually help us to see what the general trend of assets is doing.  Since the FED and funny money took over asset values a couple of years ago, globalization has gone to the back burner.  Now the big US markets with all the money are just sitting and waiting for the wheels to come off.

So far with our five level  computer models, everything but the Level I quick model remain bullish.  (the models learn to hold on because the FED is always at their back, until they aren’t, like 2001, 2008, and ????).

Early warning indicators for all stock market indexes are negative starting with the Russell 2000 on September 15th, the S&P on September 23,  and the Dow, yesterday.

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