My Letter to the DCCC Today

I have been plastered with money requests from all kinds of Democrats in the past month.  The overall approach seems to be you want me to feel bad if I don’t give you money every day.  In fact the email I got yesterday from you said I was cancelled. Cancelled from what, life ?

For me, It is the message, not the money, stupid.

I am now giving my money to the progressive movement, they vet the Dems who really are progressive.

I was a Republican before Obama, I don’t see that he has brought along the change in the party like I had hoped.  If Rahm and Valerie are examples of his coat tails, I am going in another direction.

I guess for me Elizabeth Warren best represents my values.  I have been an economic analyst for years. To me it now looks highly possible that the economy is going into a recession at best, and maybe a depression.  This is all due to the House of Representatives refusing to fund economic approaches that could have helped the bottom half of the population.  This is the main message that Democrats need to run on.  All those Democrats that are afraid to run with the facts need to lose.  So we lose the Senate, and don’t get back the House.  The main thing is that if we tell the truth, people will come back to us when we need them, maybe in 2016, or if we don’t learn, 2020.

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