Inequality for All


We are reaching a tipping point.

In my new movie, “Inequality for All,” I expose the rising economic inequality in America, where middle class wages have dropped while the top 1% have taken home 95% of recent economic gains.

That’s where we are today, but I am an optimist. Working together, Americans have changed this dynamic before and I believe with your help, we will do it again.

Join Governor Howard Dean and me for a preview of my new film and a discussion of our path forward to fix our economy.

The economy is a series of rules. When we do it right, we have smart rules that build us up and drive the economy forward. When we don’t get it right, only a few benefit and the economy ultimately stumbles. We have the power to change these rules. With your help, we can restore America’s economy to the driving engine that benefits everyone.

During our call this Wednesday evening, September 25th, we’ll take your questions and lay out what’s at stake over the year ahead. Governor Dean will talk about what you can do and Democracy for America’s ongoing campaigns fighting for an economy that works for everyone.

Sign up for a call to discuss my new film “Inequality for All” on September 25th at 8pm ET.

I look forward to hearing from you and to answering your questions during the call.



Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor

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