Fade the Pro’s for the Next Quarter

It is end of quarter time and Fund managers this week have been dumping what didn’t work for them during the quarter, gold and T-Bonds and keeping what did work, stocks.  With the markets at a roll over juncture this summer it would seem to make sense to go into the next quarter with trades that fade these pro’s. So short stocks, long bonds and long a little gold seems like the place to be.

And this from Seeking Alpha this morning:

White House works on Bernanke replacement. The White House has reportedly begun assembling a list of candidates to replace Ben Bernanke as Fed chief. It’s not too much of a surprise given the President’s “firing” of Bernanke last week. There is no front-runner, sources say, although markets have presumed that Fed Vice-Chair Janet Yellen has been occupying that spot, while Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner may also be in the running.”

I don’t think it will be Summers or Geithner, but if it is, you cannot own enough gold to save yourself.

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