The Numbers

Our web manager is finishing up the setup to add our subscriber Numbers page to the website.  The numbers should be available in the coming week.  Here is the text that goes along with today’s numbers that have been emailed to readers who subscribed after our January 11th 2013 post announcing this application.  You may subscribe also by sending an email request to giving us the email address to which to send the numbers.We have made refinements to the application since the January 11th announcement that should allow the data to be easier applied to your needs.  Some of the raw signal noise has been lowered and what we termed the intermediate programs have been eliminated.  The price of the index or market has been added along with the date the direction of the indicator last changed. Also a profit or loss indication based on the current signal using current price and signal price is shown on the right side of table.We have been watching the buildup of weight in the market since the March 2009 lows and feel now is the time to offer our outlook indicators.  At no time since we started this Blog in January 2008 have we seen values as they now exist.  The long upward push of the markets by the Fed has reached its tipping point as fiscal pressures will now move into control. Many of  our long term technical indicators on the markets have not changed since the period following the March 2009 lows and in fact T-Bond prices have been in an upward trend for at least a couple of decades. As these markets start to roll over and feel the effect of the deflationary forces, long term signal directions will change.  At the moment the leading edge of the markets, gold, commodities, and the Tech market sectors have already started to turn down.

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