We are ALL IN

What does that mean. We are short the stock market and made our final move out of short T-Bonds to short stocks yesterday and are holding our short gold / core deflation position taht goes back to September 2011.  Basically I don’t see anyone in Washington offering the kind of bold policies that the economy needs.  Consumers around the world bought a balloon in the 2003 – 2007 period with the 1997 -2000 period being a little bit of a setup.  They are in trouble, they are against the wall hoping that the stock market is telling a good story of the future.  The Fed has attempted to solve this situation by bailing out the banks rather than getting money into the hands of the consumer. 

You can argue this situation two ways, 1) figure out how to get money into the hands of the consumer or 2) have a depression and build a new base.  Republicans are opting for the latter and the Democrats seem to be too dumb to see another alternative.  So we are all in, the _ _ _ _ is about to hit the fan. 

Ellen Brown is Chairman of the Public Banking Institute and an attorney, probably should have been an economist,  that is out there, really out there in terms of characterizing main stream economists and yet she is one of a few that does a good job of describing an alternative that Obama and the Democrats could follow.  See comments today by her:


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