Letter to Obama

While the macro indicators are still holding in this cross current area,  a two faceted combination of a Republican push to reenact last years summer deficit fight and European / Greek issues threaten to break down the market.  If that happens we will probably get off the fence and reignite our short strategies again.  In the meantime here is a letter to Barack, my version of a wake-up call for him.


1) I voted for you in 2008 but if you don’t make some radical changes I believe you will lose in 2012.  I believe you need to stop campaigning, send most of the campaign money back, and instead get to work putting a solution to work on the deficit issue.  This is the time to be bold, otherwise you can forget a second term.  You don’t need money to get elected, you need solutions.

2) I believe that the best place to start is to figure out how to implement Bowles – Simpson now, plus advocate raising retirement ages and whatever else it takes to get Social Security on solid ground.

3)  I believe that you somehow you have to shake up the Democratic Party, you cannot do all of this yourself.  You have to read the riot act to Reed and Pelosi, they are two of the most ineffectual//political so called leaders that I have seen in a long time. Do something, the party will hate you but the people will love you.

4)  You need to get rid of Axelrod, he is a good politician who got you into office once.  Now you don’t want to be seen as a political, you want to be seen as a solution provider instead.

5) I believe if you push for solutions, the independents in this country will keep you in office.  The old issue liberal Democrats who want to protect everything are not the people who will help you find solutions.

6) I believe you need to open your eyes to the reality of Paul Ryan.  He is just a small time Wisconsin accountant type with a simple plan that will not turn the economy around, but will surely push us into a depression that will hurt a lot of working people.  Don’t let up on him, he is big trouble.

7)  I believe to get the job done you need to make some big changes in your economic and implementation team.  You need some practical people who have some background outside of the Harvard Ivy league and New York banker environment.  Geithner is a problem.  Maybe looking west will allow you to find some people with their feet on the ground, and I am not talking about the University of Chicago.

8) And lastly, I believe that you need to realize that trying to paint Romney as a ruthless capitalist who hurts the common man will not get you anywhere.  This will not work because there are too many people who have a secret desire to take over a troubled business, any business, big or small,  fire all the incompetent employees and turn the business around.  That is one of the American dreams.  Not everyone want to be a community organizer.

Good Luck

The eureka-perspective editor

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