Time to Let the Macro’s Work

This  has been a busy week for us.  We covered a 200 percent short stock position ( leveraged short ETF’s) , built our short gold position to 30 percent, added to our long dollar position which now is around 10 percent, have around 5 percent in a little long stock position (just to see how it feels to be long, not so good so far) and 50 percent in cash.  Now we can watch to see if Washington and Europe get going on some real solutions.

7:30 AM addition:  We have stayed away from T-Bonds for a long time and have been concentrating on short stocks, but today we will be sticking our toe in the water on short T-Bonds, (ETF TBT).  The better employment numbers last week and again this week and overdone Bond market in terms of price possibly point to a reversal to higher interest rates than currently seen.

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