Forget Reform

when only 10 percent of the country is crying out for help.  The majority don’t want to fix anything and the lobbyists want to protect the fat cats.  It would appear the easiest solution is, lets let thing run wild. 

The rich want to protect the status quo, the poor have given up hope already. Unless this Washington quagmire ends now which doesn’t appear likely, or unless the vast middle class, those families making between  $ 40,000 and $ 240,000 per year, say enough is enough,  stop wasting time on Tea Parties, and join together in a new Independent Party and throw out all the Democrats and Republicans over the next couple of elections, we are headed for big trouble. It now appears almost inevitable.

The bottom line, this do nothing environment on Financial Refrom, Healthcare Reform, and Climate Change Reform will over the next five years lead to a blockbuster depression where 90 percent of the population is begging for help.  Then we will have Reform.  Be on your toes if this wild period gets triggered.  Maybe we can be part of the mother of all bubbles and busts.

An article of interest in yesterdays NY Times echoes the views that I have expressed since late 2008, we have to have all derivatives traded on exchanges.  In today’s environment it falls into the too good to be true category as Wall Street lobbyists will no doubt kill it.  See it below.

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