Things are Good

In general the Sunday NYT columnists brought Obama to task for a host of issues, even Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich.  That is good.  But things in Washington are generally going the right direction.  We have said before that Senator Harry Reid and Senator Chris Dodd are part of the old fat cat Democratic Party and they are now just side issues in the big new picture moving forward, their mouths tell the story. 

 It appears the toxic assets are now in focus.  That is another step forward.  We now see the markets stepping up to the plate and a close over the 50 day average on the S&P, around 805 will be a positive.  The market is still dominated by sellers but that is close to changing.  No change in positions. 

The EMA ETF Fund NAV was 907 on the close Friday.

8:17 AM CDT

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