Eureka ETF Fund “EMA” Portfolio

The NAV as of yesterdays close was 976.  Based on the value of the account our leverage ratio for the face value of the positions in the total account is 1.430 as of the close on 1/23/09.  The various sector leverages are: Stock indexes 0.89; Alternative energy 0.0372; Finance 0.016; Consumer discretionary 0.019;  Bio-tech 0.042;  Energy 0.104; Gold 0.186;  Commodities 0.082; and Short T-bonds 0.058.

Interestingly the various sub-sectors other than Gold, act like the overall market rather than showing any big differentiation.  That would appear to indicate that there is not much conviction on the market yet.

Detail on the positions can be seen at the link below:


 11:19 AM CST

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