Gold, a Place to Wait out the Debate…….Update on “CAT”

Much more aggressive stimulus in the Sustainable Energy sector needs to be put in place by the Administration.  There in not nearly enough listed in the $ 825 billion package.  Gold will be the beneficiary until Congress gets serious about getting people back to work.

Technically the stock market is showing signs of getting ready to break out of a flag formation on the upside.  No changes in our positions which we listed over the weekend.

8:12 AM CST

10:04 AM Update….I rarely mention a single stock, but todays pressure on CAT (CATERPILLAR) is a situation one has to look at as important.  In an environment where infrastructure is at the forefront, the bad news from the past year has taken the stock down to the November lows and makes this a stock to watch for a big turnaround.

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