Be Patient…………..with Add Leverage Update at 11:20 AM

Early mornings,  like today, show the importance of the long Gold and Short T-Bond positions.  We have made no position changes in any of our portfolios since we added more long gold in the $ 800 area some time ago.  The markets are hell bent to destroy themselves over old news.  The last Republican standing, Rush Limbaugh,  says he hopes the world melts down under Obama.  OK

So about a 40 percent of our portfolio remains outside of the various stock sectors.  18 percent of our portfolio is long the gold sector, 8 percent is long commodities, 8 percent is long the oil sector and 5 percent is short T-Bonds. 

 Additionally we are on leverage alert in terms of adding aggressively to our regular stock positions when this market catches.

 At yesterdays close the NAV on the EMA ETF portfolio was 960.

8:04 AM CST

Leverage Update We have added leverage in our EMA ETF Fund, selling $ 50,000 QQQ and $ 50,000 DIA and buying 2:1 leverage ETF’s, $ 50,000 QLD and $ 50,000 DDM.

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