Bullish on Ideas

Yesterday was invested in reading the NY Times.  This is a pivotal time and it seems that one needs to see where the population of the country is in terms of sentiment and ideas in order to navigate the investing matrix that is evolving. 

The Week in Review and Business section included articles that were invited from prominent economists and leaders that covered both progressive and conservative viewpoints.  Later today we will include links to those articles and thoughts of ours that evolved  while reading those ideas.

In the meantime, the markets seem to like the atmosphere, the flowing of ideas after years of doctrine.  The levels we mentioned last week are still good barometers of sentiment. The S&P futures are above 940 overnight and 1040 remains the overhead objective for now.  On Friday we increased our long stock positions to 85 percent long in the Aggressive Portfolio.  We remain short T-bonds as it seems to us that long-term interest rates have to move higher with the expected activity that looms down the road.  From that posture a long dollar position seems correct and we don’t see any reason to be involved in oil, gold or commodities, but that can change.

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