Net Zero…

The Climate Tech Model as of this morning is now at net zero directional exposure.

The model is designed to be contrarian at strategic points and employs long/short positions at those points. It has learned it cannot be contrarian all the time, the masses will kill it.

Currently the model is long what investors have been hating, EV, Solar, Battery, and Biotech stocks, and short through a mix of 3X ETF’s, SPXS, SQQQ, SSG.

And a little tease here for the Trumpers, like Jamie Dimon, head of J.P.Morgan, who believes the Donald will be good for stocks and the economy, The Model could under certain market condition go 100 % short by increasing inverse ETF Positions. That will probably happen when it becomes clear Trump will be the loser. And, my political input into the algo’s rules and design, Core climate Tech positions are keyed to remain long for the anticipated Democratic Sweep in November.

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