First Quarter Objectives being Hit…

Markets are getting close to the Climate Change Models objectives for the first quarter of 2024, should be a little more, but maybe not, so it dumped the NVDA and SOXL long positions here and put on some SPXS leveraged short ETF postions to start the protection setup.

Here were the last projections of the model:

2024 Market Projections
( based on Swing Technicals )
Russell  RUT ETF Prices 
1974Current Price
2171First qtr high
2060Second qtr buy area
3300End of year 
S&P 500 ETF Prices (SPX)
4900Current Price
5140First qtr high
4750Second qtr buy area
6000End of year 
Nasdaq 100  (NDQ)
17500Current Price
18370First qtr high
17000Second qtr buy area
22800End of year 

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