A Market based on Technology..

The NVDA numbers backstop the bigger theme that Climate Change issues will be handled by a Technology supported grass roots programs. It will use AI at its core while the big picture is implemented locally.

Climate change issues will not be solved by politicians, but by technocrats hired by politicians. Tip for Biden, it’s the Message, Stupid.

In the meantime, average market interest rates have moved up to the 3.9+ % level that we have anticipated, 4.012 % today. No doubt some of this is due to the debt limit fight, but a lot of it is due to the economy acting better than most people have anticipated.

Again, we are waiting for the end of the debt limit fight, might even include some defaults before things settle down. In any case our Climate Tech model is fully invested, speculative leverage will be added after the all-clear signal is triggered.

The RUT/NDQ Ratio..

The NVDA numbers have put pressure on the ratio today. My views remain: the real macro bull market signal move has not been triggered yet, the Ratio will signal that moment. At the moment, the RUT/NDQ ratio is in the 2020 low area of .1271, .1254 currently. RUT value area occurs when ratio is below .1290 .

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