Economic Signals…

The big questions this weekend…

Is it what I see,

What I imagine,

Or what I want?

First, Covid produced a kind of forced mixed signal, lots of negatives yet a lot of government monetary aid. Now people seem to be paralyzed into how to react in economic terms, should they be ebullient or cautious now that the virus is somewhat contained, and the fluff has disappeared.

Most economists at the moment seem to be backward looking, that the reduction in easy money plus interest rates above zero means a weak economy.

Few economists seem to be looking ahead and to the vast change provided by cost reductions and efficiencies due to moving beyond coal and oil, let alone to the reduction of CO 2 issues. We are in the early stages of a transformative era.

Analysts at the same time seem to be lost in how to see things. Here are some words that are embedded in their minds, words I pulled out of some of my late 2020 and year long 2021 blogs. No doubt these negative and positive words are making it more difficult going forward.

  • Reopening
  • Normalization
  • Reflation
  • Bubble
  • Stimulus
  • Hope
  • Speculation
  • Casino Economy
  • Biden Rally
  • Rotation

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