The Dollar is the Canary…

Everyone seems to be trying to wear themselves out in forecasting what the FED is going to do.

For me, the Dollar tells the story. Over the past month the dollar hit the important 113 resitance area, and is rolling over. What more do you need? This is the resistance area we pointed out at the very beginning of the dollar move, almost two years ago.

And, here is the current setup in the EPCC (Eureka-Perspective-Climate Change) Model/algo.

(Basis to the Model Equity Level)

Total Allocations 239 percent (total is greater than 100 percent due to leverage)

Bio/Med allocations 51 percent

EV allocations 76 percent

Tech/Chip allocations 21 percent

Solar allocations 48 percent

Speculative index allocations 44 percent

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