Big News

We kind of have had a trifecta of economic news in the past week.

  1. First the Chips and Science Act.
  2. Next, the strong employment numbers.
  3. Then the Inflation Reduction Act.

Most importantly they wrap science and technology into the Climate Change initiative. I don’t think the markets have come close to seeing the economic impact of what is evolving and how it is designed to work at the grassroots level.

Our New Economy investment model with its emphasis on EV, Chips, and Biotech would appear to be in the right direction.

As such, the promised review of the New Economy model is being appraised in light of the new information and we will provide the details.

a market comment here….

S&P 4231 is now something to watch, that is a 50 % retracement of the 2022 crash and a close above it will signify to market technicians that the 3666 low was the definitive low.

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