Which Brand?

Which Brand of artificiality do you want, the FED brand, or the Bitcoin brand.

An artificial world conflicted by inequality….

The current wave of inequality started in the early 1980’s with the supply side economic theories.  The Artificial world grew out of this era of speculation and low growth in 2011, kind of the first aftermath.

We all know what the Fed is, Bitcoin is another thing.  At its core, Bitcoin is not about algo’s and digits. It is really a rebellion against central banks. Neither of these two brands involve traditional supply – demand formulas. Both are the variations on the greater fool territory.

Under Bernanke and Powell the stock market has become a FED Tool. It is not about investing, earnings, or price multiples. When Washington wants to paint a rosy picture they get Wall Street to buy into the story until an unsustainable bubble occurs. When Washington wants to paint a dour picture, they get Wall Street to create a sell story until all hell breaks loose.

In the meantime pension funds and the public get whipsawed. Pension fund managers go along with all this because they get paid regardless.

The public has no choice but to fight to stop this cycle. That will have to be by a grassroots flip of Washington direction. The traditional political parties do not offer an answer. 

We will go deeper into this in the coming period.

How does one invest in this artificial environment?

The Core Belief in this artificial environment is:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS Real VALUE.  For me the result is using experience and intuition to buy when things seem unbelievably cheap and sell when things seem unbelievably expensive.

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