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Today we are seeing how the FED through its closely tied big money manipulators can move markets using the excess liquidity pile. Inequality continues to be compounded, the same players who pushed the stock markets to unbelievable levels starting in August 2020 are now short and talking the markets down using that same pile of money. Analysis and watching the numbers has no value, just follow the FED talk. The FED balance sheet is still 9 trillion dollars.

Here is the most involved stock index in this scenario, the Nasdaq 100. Today it has come down to the August 10, 2020 level that I have talked about endlessly for almost 2 years.

And here is the important 30-2YR YC which turned last week and does signal that we are at a level on rates where they will peak. It is interesting that the CNBC commentators are trying to key on the 10 year rate at this point, while as we showed last week the 2 year has been the leader in the curves.

But so much for the analysis, the FED has control, there is no reason to try and think this through until the FED gets it really wrong and is destroyed. Maybe a start would be complete transparency on the part of Fed Governors with a Weekly Commitment of Governors Report so we can follow their personal positions.

Later comments at 12:50 PM CDT

Not doing too much today, but with today’s sell off in the EV and tech space I am putting cash to work in RIVN, QS, TDOC. Ever since RIVN went public @ around 100 and went up to 175, I have wanted to build a significant position in it. Have been nibbling a little bit but today at under $ 25 I am taking advantage of this drop as FORD dumps 10 % of their position.

Within a couple of months, I intend to move my trading to the background and sit on some significant, maybe 2/3 of total portfolio in, tech and EV positions. ARKK and SOXL will be part of that position, need to add to them also, still waiting to make them a big part of my position, they can be bought based on technical signals.

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