The Powell Wish List

All eyes have been on Jerome Powell and what the FED will do versus inflation.

The easy answer would be who knows.

Thinking about it for a few minutes gave me pause and allowed me to come up with Jerome’s probable Top 9 Wish list in order of his values.

  1. Avoid a Recession..
  2. Avoid a Market Crash..
  3. NA
  4. NA
  5. NA
  6. Avoid a sharp drop in employment..
  7. Stabilize Prices..
  8. Stop Hyper inflation..
  9. Embrace equality..

In the meantime….

SPX 4444 still looms as a big number in terms of where the market is headed. At the moment it is a resistance level, but a close over it will point to further gains. Until then I remain a modest Bull, no leverage, and concentrating in the beaten-up areas, technology and its use in climate change related endeavors are my focus.

At the moment it seems that market buyers have been pushing into mining and agriculture with a commodity focus, but my view is that the short term will see the commodity area settling back a bit, no crash, just not number 1.

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