Things keep unraveling within the bubble..

I doubt forecasting is relevant at this point. The FED liquidity runup, April 2020 to October 2020 was what it was. The Biden “Build back Better” balloon since is history. From here watch for an Event that creates a Buyer vacuum in a wildly overpriced market, Sellers will not be the factor to take this market down.

Our SPX Hedge Trading model and my personal ETF positions which follow the Model, have added 33 % to the short position since 9/30/21 (additions on any day with RSI over 66.00) while under the sell signal. The average SPX price on the short signal which initially triggered on 8/20/20, is 4146 giving the model a 12 percent loss on this trade currently with market at 4735. On an accumulated basis the model is looking much better. Since 1/26/18 the P&L peaked on 8/20/20 and only recently turned slightly negative.

The average hedge price since 9/30/21 is 46.60.

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