Filling in the Blanks plus afternoon update

Today is a good bounce day, it adds one more day to the moving averages, which will make it probable that the next down move will decisively burst the Asset bubble. Today’s up-move in the dollar will add to that probability. Our short positions put on last Thursday are showing signs of being on target.

Afternoon update:

Some factors in the big picture are evolving this afternoon, all three of the hot markets, the FANGS, Nasdaq 100, and S&P 500, when you divide the price by the value of the dollar, you see the 50 day averages turning down, a potentially ominous sign, unless the crowd rescues them.

So far with 54 minutes of trading left in the day, this is turning into a real goal line stand, at the moment Nasdaq 100 is rolling over, Fang and S&P 500 are holding the line.

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