Economics in Action with two updates

Yesterday and early today we saw the big guys trying to force a low interest rate FANG bubble play by buying both 10 year bonds and FANG stocks simultaneously. That took our indicator to 4.83 a number of times during this two day period, but now we are back at 4.69 and looking to head lower as the FANG stocks take some heat and interest rates head higher.

  1. 10:53 AM CDT update the number is now 4.57

It is important to keep in mind that we are still in the staging area of the coming market move, it has not started yet. For this indicator 4.25 on a closing basis is key. Plus, we are watching other indicators that we have outlined in earlier posts.

This may take weeks or hours to trigger, so again patience, patience.

2. Update on close 9/10/21

Number is 4.59, headed in the right direction.

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