Where things are..Reflections

For any long time follower of this blog, you know it is not about trading…more about a philosophy of how economics and politics mesh with the markets in a macro sense.

And we all know that history shows how civilizations evolve through a constant push and pull between various factions and ideas.

The book I cite periodically and which I see as a good backdrop to seeing how generations interact to change things over time is   The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe .

I see this time as a potentially significant juncture in how economics is applied to the economy and markets and who is driving this change. The driving force is the dwindling impact of the Boomer generation as they are pulling their money out of the economy to live and not incidentally by dying.

Replacing them are the Gen-X and Millennial generations who have new ideas and guard rails to guide them.

So there will be a lot to talk about going forward. Robinhood and Game Stop are just a little piece of much bigger things unravelling, like really being a bit of speculative chaos within the bigger changes away from speculation. This is the Swan Song of 2020 Speculation.

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