Never Been More Bearish

Regardless of who wins the Presidency I don’t think I have been more bearish on the country or the stock markets. We live in the midst of a cruel and dysfunctional population. I realize the problem is maybe more the population than the candidates, for sure both.

While I stand behind my views yesterday, two of the points stand out:

First, my final comment from yesterday is even more relevant, psychological studies that compare the conservative mindset vs the liberal mindset have shown repeatedly that conservatives view empathy as much less important than liberals do. So we should not be confused by the COVID death response of the Trump Administration. Interestingly I found this material over the past weekend in my archives of work I had researched a couple of years ago. I said to myself, oh shit, the COVID deaths are meaningless and will probably only get worse.

Secondly, long time readers will know that in the Democratic Primaries I pushed hard for a decisive forward thinking candidate who was outside the elitist circle. Warren was my choice. For the past two elections, the Dem’s have run the safe candidate rather than a transformative candidate. Probably that is because the culture issue is so strong and the population is so screwed up.

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