The Most Important Chart

It’s still COVID.

Stock market charts are being stretched but the bigger picture beyond this one measure is getting more dire.

Here is the chart I follow on COVID cases. It turned up late yesterday. No surprise, the pushback on being cautious is being ramped up by the President as the end of white mail privilege looms. (look back at my posts over the past 12 years, in 2003 I ended 40 years of being a Republican when it became apparent to me that the country was headed in the wrong direction. Obama made some headway, now we are ending 4 years of backlash, and next we will see 4 years of repair, before seeing real headway in 2024)

Next, 21 days from now, about the time death rates follow case rate, we can anticipate that that measure will rise. Incidentally that 21 day lag is important, it is a measure that will be important to Trump, we will see how well he is doing on October 22nd, 21 days after his diagnosis.

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