Suspended in Disbelief

Who we are talking about are all the investors and traders that over the last 9 years (since start of QE2) have become believers in a funny money world.

As we continue to try to convey, COVID 19 was a shot out of the blue that provided a seed to change things in ways that politicians and economists could not.

What I Believe

We are headed into profound change with entrenched money fighting all the way. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has opened another door that has a core strength that will affect inequality in ways that many will not comprehend until it is in place. Over the last 20 years we have seen a lot of economists and politicians talk and study inequality but now we see that unless one is really affected by inequality personally, you cannot really get to the core of the matter. I count myself in that group, I see and talk about inequality but really have in a sense, lived a life of privilege, albeit mixed with hard work.

The markets today..

Here is what the Macro trade chart looks like here at 9:55 AM CDT. It is slowly building with the breakout level looming close.

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