It’s a Sniper not an Army

We are talking about the Corona Virus. If you are over 60 you probably know of someone or heard of someone who contracted the disease and died. Not all of us but some of us. Poor health is a factor with some but some are totally random and even in their late 40’s.

So how are we supposed to go out and act normal. Look behind every tree?No aggressive action on testing and the other Health/Employment environment issues by the administration keeps thing in a state of chaos.

So, It appears the economy will just slump along. We have the employment report, no surprises.

The stock market continues with the no fear mandate, much like we saw during the October 2019 to February 2020 period. Again, this time like we saw in February, there will be no warning when things start to plummet again.

No report, no announcement, just chaos. No doubt the surprise will be health related, not economic as we all know that story. The virus is in control. So my guess on a surprise would be virus related deaths of prominent Washington Republican politicians or judges. That is the only group that Washington thinks is important.

We can only hope that most of the rest of us will survive.

So I am roto-tilling today. Time to put in the garden after this weeks cold spell.

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