Macro Data Now Front and Center

Bigger Fish to Fry

This week the markets will be looking at a lot more than earnings, which year over year have been dismal, but through stock buybacks and lowered expectations are being touted as great.

Macro Political Scene

is slowly getting dicey. The three bullys are running into headwinds.

Netanyahu, Trump, and Johnson, that is.

Market Interest Rates are Headed Higher

While world economies are in the doldrums, a few cooler heads are coming to realize that lower rates are not the answer.  It will take real growth, not zero rate speculation to change things and a new class of politicians and a few economists are coming up with some new equations.  More on that in coming months.

It is interesting that commentators seem to believe that this move up in rates is being driven by a coming trade treaty with China.

Note that ten year interest rate have been gaining on the thirty year rate since June 27th.  In a non-manipulated stock market this would be enough to start a rout in 2-3 months, in the current environment it might take 5 months, try the day after Thanksgiving.

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