Who is Stupid Enough to fly on a 737 Max 8 or Buy Stocks at this Level on the Bounce

First as to the Max 8

I am old enough to point out that most of my flying hours as a passenger have been on 727’s.  I remember when I had a choice I tried to avoid the 737 as to me it looked like an ungainly flying pig and I could not believe it could stay in the air.  Now as more and more changes have been made, it is falling out of the sky on occasion.  On NPR on Monday, I listened to a couple of aviation experts talk about the software that has been added to the 737.  It turns out the software is designed to overcome plane design issues that make it difficult to fly after the latest engines were added.  We will see how this plays out.

As to buyers of stock at this level of the stock market

With current GDP Now first quarter estimates, which has been updated three times,  and are still sitting at 0.4 %, and the market trying to reclaim December highs, I just have to scratch my head.  The best answer is that it is being led by Mnuchin’s Crash Prevention Group at the Treasury. We also will see how this plays out.

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