Patience, Key Ingredient in Macro Investing

There is a lot going on at the moment, but it may or may not be a time to actually do something.

  1. The Fracture which started on January 26, 2018 seems to be closer, see chart below.
  2. Trump has brought change, a few good things and a lot of bad things.
  3. At the moment he seems to be imploding, angrily jumping around in a seeming thousand ways, Lying Ted is now his best buddy, building 30,000 nuclear bombs seems to be an antidote to increasing fiscal debt created by the ill-conceived tax give-away.
  4. In a way the Democrats maybe should hope they don’t win over the House and Senate in the mid-terms, as the economic implosion, that is pending, no doubt will be blamed on them.
  5. The S&P’s got close to the support level of the trading range, 2688, so a bounce can be expected towards the 2776 swing point.
  6. Keep in mind today will be the second day that the 3 day average is under the 200 day.
  7. Depending on what stocks do over the next three weeks, there is a good chance you have seen the highs on the 30, 10, and 2 yr interest rates for the year.
  8. So be patient, the craziness that started with Bernanke and topped by Trump will eventually undo itself.
  9. But do keep in mind tomorrow is a Full Moon, important sometimes at key junctures.

Here is the F-3 Fracture Chart (updated at noon today after the start of the bounce):


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