A Wake Up Call in the Wings

Gong Day

Today could be the day that the gong sounds.  Stocks are losing to a whole bunch of things.  Versus, gold, commodities, even high yield bonds, the market stinks. See one of these charts below, S&P is blue line.

As you know we like to use the measure of three day averages vs the 200 day average in S&P stocks.  Even in March and May of this year, the three day did not breach the 200 day, today we will need to see around a Close of 2805 on the S&P (2760 at the moment) to keep that from happening.  So you might want to act on the close today if you have been waiting since January 26th.

Or, you could follow the CNBC crowd and key on the stock chart of Netflix and Facebook.

And a comment on Politics

If you are part of the group that believes that the U.S. is made up of God’s chosen people and that the reward will be in heaven, look around you, why is everybody so worried about how much money they can make on earth today.

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