An Apex World

What has happened to Moderation.  All around us, whether in the economy, the stock market, politics, seemingly everywhere,  there is no middle ground anymore.

In the case here of the stock market, we see a rising chart, prices on the left, risk on the right, and no sign of a letup.

I find I don’t need to read or research anything these days, why read excellent books like Nasssm Taleb’s Black Swan or Antifragility, we are in the middle of it all right now.

I am not looking for a Bear market at this point, I am looking for a reset of the artificiality that has taken over our economic world since 2010.  I keep saying that when the reset happens, it will be quick, 1987 may be the closest model, a slow 2 to 5 % down over a period of time, and then a two day 25-30 % collapse as the click in of  the reset occurs.

The bear market will come later.


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