This is a newly highly used word in the past year.  It currently implies doing anything that maintains the elite status qu0.  I.e.  “America First” tolerating inequality, increasing debt, and trade wars in order to pull all the world’s money to the top in the United States.

Is there anything that can stop it around the world.

Maybe, but one must keep in mind that Russia, Japan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are on board for it and only increase the problem.

That leaves the solid people of the world, Europe (especially Germany), China, Canada, and Australia,  with the task of bringing things around.

We consider the dollar as the canary in the coal mine….

So lets see how it goes…as a repositioning of 1987 looms.

We are piling into leveraged short stock ETF’s,   TZA, SPXU, SPXS, SDOW, SQQQ.


Late day update.2:00 PM CDT ………it is rather amusing to see the knee jerk reaction of world currencies to Trump’s Davos statement that he wants a strong dollar.  He is not in charge of the dollar, the weak dollar is a reaction to his policies.


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