Stable on top of a stack of Blocks…………..with update at 10:00 AM CST

The theme of Yellen’s Jackson Hole speech today, before the actual speech, is being described as a speech about how we have reached financial stability.  Looks that way doesn’t it, takes you back to being a kid and building with blocks.

Who should we look at in terms of pulling out a block?  Seems like a long list of possible kids, Trump, Ryan, McConnell,Cohn, Munuchin,Draghi, or maybe that kid in Korea.


10:00 AM UPDATE 

Speaking the Truth

Todays events show that Janet Yellen and Gary Cohn have decided they have had enough.  They are going to start telling the truth and the tax plan that is going to come out, if it does come out, will not be anything like Trump has presented.


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