Washington has it Backwards, Just Follow the Money

First, let me say again, this blog is about economics and how the middle class survives.  In my opinion, as a macro trader, there is more money to be made by trading against the Trump Agenda, rather than with it.  So If he remains President there will be a lot of money made in our Hedge Fund Portfolio.  On the other hand the plight of the middle class will go from being angry to being decimated and that is not good.

But getting back to Washington.  As per usual, a whole bunch of lawyers, think that they have a case building on illegal actions.  But the case, to me, seems to be missing what the underlying factors are and what the big picture shows.

First, Trump is about MONEY, that is his life, that is how he says we need to judge him, watch the Dow Jones, he says.  So what is this fear of Russia on his part?  Why does a money man cave in to another country, providing them access and secrets?  That is the question.  A first step would be for Mueller to subpoena all of Trump’s Tax records for the past ten years.  Let’s find out what is going on, i.e follow the money.

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