More Clues and Icebergs

Yesterday’s Washington Post has a revealing interview of Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump’s writer of the “The Art of the Deal”.  Much of the info has been heard before, but this article kind of put all the pieces together.  Worth a google.

Since there are so many guesses out there as to why Donald Trump loves the Russians so much, why shouldn’t  I put out some of my own guesses on the table:

  1. Maybe Donald Trump does not really have multiple Billions of real Net Worth.
  2. Maybe that is why he will not show us his taxes.
  3. Maybe he has kept up appearances by borrowing money from Russian Oligarchs.
  4. Maybe Manafort was the front man.
  5. Maybe Flynn brought special effects intelligence presents.
  6. Maybe Russian Oligarchs are really serious people who require full payback plus more.
  7. Maybe this could get really serious personally for the Donald.

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