No Surprise on Friday, Presidental Bankruptcy # 1

Why would anyone be surprised with what happened on Friday in Washington.  We have a President who has had four or five big time bankruptcies, and how did it work out, he is still working on more, just now with America, not casino’s or hotels.  And he is still on top, he gained in all the bankruptcies and the people he owed money lost,  and I would guess that this pattern will keep going until someone or some group puts a halt to it.  But it is ironic in this first Presidential Bankruptcy, that America gained and Trump lost, a new pattern for him.

Next he will be working on a Revenue Neutral Tax Cut, how is that going to work out? Stay tuned.


Here are our tracking fund updates through Friday March 24th close.




This is the fund with a portfolio that our research indicates would profit with the success of the  Trump Economic Program. It has a portfolio of 20 ETf’s that span, stocks, bonds, commodities, oil, precious metals and currencies.  At the end of 10 weeks it is down 1.9 % and trailing the S&P 500.




This is the fund with a portfolio that our research indicates would profit from a failure of the new Trump Economic Program. It has a portfolio of 15 ETf’s that span, stocks, bonds, commodities, oil, precious metals and curriencies.  At the end of 10 weeks it is up 2. 5 % and is slightly above the S&P 500 after being hammered in the February – Early March Trump Euphoria period .



It is still to early to make solid comparisons.  The question now is how the market will react to the rhetoric that will surround the tax cut, de-regulation and infrastructure stimulus programs .  To date we are still seeing that a simple position of long the NASDAQ index is providing the best performance for the 10 week period.

For  information on our positions in the two Funds involved: email us at

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