Getting Set for Trump, Portfolio Build

A Changing of the Guard

As we have outlined since last July, Trump has been pretty predictable. His administration is primarily made up of men who have lived off the system for their own benefit.  The real question is whether they can make a system work for others.  We are skeptical by nature and are understandably doubly skeptical as this all unfolds.

The New Environment

With that background we are setting out markers to measure the direction of the new economy all the while keeping our eye on the end of the current 17.6 year Economic Cycle which should culminate this year. It has been a cycle where the primary factor has been the Federal Reserve.  Now we a looking at an environment where the Executive Branch of Government is telling us they are in charge.  My guess is that free markets will be the then follow after 2018.

Building the Marker Funds

We have built and are adding three new Mutual funds to the tracking site.  They are designed to track the Trump themes presented over the past few months.  One is designed to be positively correlated with these themes.   While two are designed to be negatively correlated with these same themes, just in case these themes don’t work out.  One of the negatively correlated funds has approximately 2.5 times leverage, just in case things really get out of hand.

These Funds are:

Eureka XT Hedge                         symbol  EXTH

Eureka T Hedge                            symbol  ETH

Eureka Conservative Trend        symbol ECT

These Funds are built as tracking funds at

They have $ 1,000,000 portfolios and in our case employ 15 to 20 ETF’s each  that cover the spectrum of stocks, bonds, curriencies, commodities, oil, and gold.

We will update you on the performance of the funds periodically, at least weekly, more often if significant changes occur.

Performance will also be shown against the S&P 500 Index for comparison purposes using a January 13, 2017 start date.

Subscribers to the Eureka Perspective Club will receive information on the portfolio makeup and any changes that occur over time.

For information on this aspect, email us at


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