“The Eyes Wide Open American” and a Tilting Boat

In the end it will be all about the money 

So let’s look at What Tests the Trump Program will encounter

First, The Liberals are Upset

While many are upset with who are new President is, stands for, and represents, and while I did not vote for him, I am enough of a contrarian to be willing to wait and see the results.

The Democrats did not get the Inequality Anger

The Democrats lost this election with a combination of their elite attitude combined with a good dose of old blue blood establishment bluster. They still don’t get it with leaving Nancy Pelosi leading the House Democrats.

Crucial Statistical tests for the Electorate

Now the country faces some big tests, here are key tests that will show the true nature of things.

  1. First, is climate change real, and is it being affected by humans? Changes in pollution data over the next four years will provide the answer for all, as the deniers have their opportunity to run things for a while.
  2. Will the dismantling of big chunks of the health care system make us healthier? The data will tell the story.
  3. Will inequality increase or decrease with the application of trickle down economics.
  4. Will the middle class see their percentage of GDP rise or fall ?
  5. Will a disruption of global trade become a benefit or problem for growth.
  6. Will the Trump Economic initiatives overcome the tendency of declining stock markets during Republican periods?

Opportunities for the “Eyes Wide Open American” 

All of these tests will provide phenomenal opportunities for alternate investment types.

This will not be a period for buy and hold. I will wait and watch until I get signals that go beyond the hype.

I am willing to be bullish or bearish on Trump and the country as the results play out.

The Consumer is the key test.

Our country is based around the consumer.  At least 70 percent of the economy is the consumer. So we will be watching retail sales closely, especially in the second quarter, starting April 1, 2017.

The Rich People are Running things 

One must keep in mind that the Reagan Administration started all this.  The goal was for money to move to the top and eventually privatize everything.  They have gone a long way towards that goal.  Will something stop this, probably only an economic accident created by everyone moving to one side of the boat.  The Trump Cabinet makeup could be that event.


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