Wall Street Doesn’t Get It

It is kind of funny,

Wall Street has put its own spin on what the election means, they hated the guy, they voted for the person who gave them $ 250,000 speeches, and now they have created their own story.

Who Put Trump over the Top

Let’s look at who put Trump over the top, the middle class who have poor economic prospects.  They are not playing the markets, they don’t want tax cuts for the wealthy, they want big change.

Core Trump Voters are Greedy

No doubt some of the core voters for Trump were the old establishment players who don’t want to share their wealth with anyone and now are jumping on the market band wagon.

One Good Thing About Trump

He says he will fire Yellen.  At the same time he might want to Lock Up Bernanke who went way to far to cover up an approach that didn’t work as planned, but in reality accelerated inequality.

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